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The Nimbus Arts BRAIN-STORM Challenge!

The Nimbus Artsy Crew is challenging you to share what you see in the clouds! Here’s how it works:

1.) On our social media pages, we ask, “What’s today’s Nimbus Forecast?” 

2.) Our weather forecaster artists (YOU!) look to the sky to see what you can find!

3.) Take a photo of your cloud or use a previously photographed cloud, print it, and trace/draw out your image. OR create a digital drawing if you can. 

4.) Then take a photo of your drawing and post it on our social media pages with your answer,  “Cloudy with a chance of_______” (dragon? palm tree? whale?….fill in the blank with what you see in the clouds!)

5.) Finally, we will make a storm of creativity! 12 cloud drawings will be chosen to create a 2021 Nimbus Arts Community BRAIN-STORM Calendar, and if your cloud is chosen as one of the 12, you’ll receive a FREE calendar!

TAG US ON INSTAGRAM @nimbus_arts  OR  FACEBOOK @nimbusarts

And don’t forget, the Nimbus Arts Arty Crew has put together a Sketchbook Drawing Art Kit To Go if you need one!

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