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The bees start preparing themselves for winter way before the weather gets cold.  Through hive visits around the valley see how other beekeepers are managing their bees for successful over-wintering.For beginner and experienced beekeepers looking to help prepare their bees prepare for winter, this course will broadly introduce you to the areas of building stronger winter bees, the difference in winter and summer bee biology, the importance of winter beekeeping, and the “whys and hows” of Napa beekeeping.  this class is a great place to begin  your journey to understand how healthy, well fed bees are more likely to survive the winter.  Through open-hive inspections at out College Ave site, apiary students will have an opportunity to observe bees first hand and experience sustainable beekeeping.  Join us to meet some of the Napa’s most prominent beekeepers, taste honey from around the valley and visit gorgeous apiaries in the area.  $75

Special field trip to the Heirloom Festival September 10

BEE – 2 Ages Teen/Adult 3 Mondays, September 1, 15 & 22 5:30 – 7:30 pm

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