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What super powers does your child have…besides being the most adorable creature in the universe? In this week-long adventure we’ll take a flying leap into the rarified world of the Superhero. We’ll study the history of the comic book; the techniques of layout, panels, speech balloons, onomatopoeia, shading, color, and more. Students will invent a character with unique super powers and create their own comic strip. They will also design and construct a fully articulated action figure. If they are faster than a speeding bullet, they can create their own Super Hero costume! Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that your child will then be able to leap over tall buildings…maybe a bush or perhaps a shrub- we’ll do our best!  $155
CA – 1 Ages 8 – 13 Monday -Friday April 6 – 10 9:00 – 12:00 pm

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