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All aboard the Siberian Express for a journey through regions along the worlds longest railway whose history is both legendary and colorful! Travel on this Nimbus “creative train of thought” as we explore folklore of the region, stitch trendy fur decorated garments and hats, paint woodland creatures, onion domed architectural wonders, and Russian nesting dolls. We will drift through artistic delicacies of many cultures…from the Faberge Eggs, to brush painting techniques of ancient China. We will depart Moscow Dec 17th and arrive in Beijing Dec 21st, visiting collections from the Hermitage Museum, studying the Dr Zhivago-esque landscapes, and celebrating the Chinese art of fireworks. A great trip for the adventurous at “HeArt$175

CA-1 Ages 6 -12  Monday—Friday  December 17 – 21 9:30- 12:30pm


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