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 Instructors: The Nimbus Playful Puppeteers

Part the curtains and join us for a week-long journey into the magic of puppetry combined with the history of art and invention. Your puppeteers will select a historic figure they wish to bring alive, along with their hero’s studio scene, home or inventors’ workshop, and all the accoutrements.  Will it be Edison lighting his new bulb? Picasso painting his master artwork, Guernica? Or will Frida Kahlo be painting her masterpiece from her bedroom studio? Students will then put on their directors’ caps for their puppet performance on the final day! From hand puppets to marionettes, this wonderful winter week will be a theater of art and invention $310

CA – 2 Ages 6 -13 Tuesday – Friday January 3 – 6 9:30am – 3:00pm

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