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CA 9 Flights of Fancy

Instructors: Our “No-Ruffled Feathers” art making team

Let’s take off with the birds in this art filled exploration of our fabulous feathered friends. Students will have fun painting, printing, and sculpting all while learning a bit about different bird species, their varied and intricate nest construction, and the wonders of bird migration patterns. Through art making and discussion we will learn to identify song bird tunes, birds of prey and their mighty flight, and water fowl from frozen lands to tropical waters. Birds are all around us, endlessly fascinating and beautiful subjects for art. Your student will soar to new art skill heights in this creative week of feathered fun! $175

CA – 9A  Ages 6 – 13 Monday – Friday July 19 – 23 9:00 am – 11:30 am

CA – 9B  Ages 6 – 13 Monday – Friday July 19 – 23 1:00pm- 3:30pm

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