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The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Disney and the physics of theme parks. Everyone is familiar with the classic cartoon creations of Walt Disney, but how many know anything about the man himself?  In this camp we will learn about one of the most imaginative icons of the 20th century, theme park visionary, and leader in American cartoon culture. Our young animators will bring their own Disney inspired drawings to life while learning classic animation styles, and personally design mini comic strips and some classic character portraits. The magic only begins there.  Explore the physics of roller coasters, design a theme park master plan, and make magnificent models of your favorite characters and attractions. A must for the inventors and designers of the future fun centers of the world. So get your pixie dust on and join us!  $150

Ages: 6 – 12 Monday -Friday July 16 -20 9:30 -12:00pm

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