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Michael Duté is best known for his evocative interiors and highly-detailed murals depicting ancient Pompeii, scenes from the silk trade, intricate Chinoiseries, and much more.  In 2009, after twenty years in San Francisco he got rid of everything he owned and moved to Berlin to immerse himself in a new language, city, and culture. Beginning with empty rooms and blank walls, he has spent the last five years covering every inch of his Berlin apartment with ever-more fantastic wall paintings and artist-made architectural details, with the ultimate goal of living inside a painting. Drawing inspiration from the vitality of the German capital, the lush colors of the Tiergarten, the architectural history of the Prussian nobility, and the travesties of past wars, he has created a splendid painted folly, his version of a baroque hunting-lodge. In response to life outside his painted walls, Duté has created two series of works-on-canvas. His ‘Street Art’ paintings are a dark-humored commentary on the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations of starting a new life in Berlin. $25 ($10 for teachers and students)

CC – 1 Thursday June 5, 6:30 – 8:30 pm reception and presentation

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