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In this fun and educational class you will learn the fundamentals of welding, including welding technology, common terms, safety, and effective tool use. Our welding mavericks will teach you to use a MIG (mixed inert gas) welder to accomplish numerous weld styles. In this 3 hour hands-on class you will be able to view and control a 4,000 ° puddle of molten steel. Create your own unique pieces of functional art, such as a candle holder or a coat rack!  Creative ideas and invention from materials on hand will be encouraged. Square stock, rod, steel tube as well as miscellaneous industrial metal parts will be available. Polish, sand, buff, paint your piece, or learn about rapid rust patinas! All protective equipment – welding hood, gloves, safety glasses, and jacket will be provided. Yup all that in FIRE -ONE!  $75

FIRE -3 Ages Teen/Adult Saturday November 16
(Ages 13 and below instructor approval required)

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