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KNIT 7-9 Loome Class – Friendship Bracelets, Pom Poms, Tassels and More!

Instructor: Michele Laurence

Everybody welcome! This is no basic, garden variety Loome class! Learn how to make the perfect pompoms in “mad colors”. Students will learn how to make color block pompoms, weavings and friendship bracelets. Scatter polka dots, and designs with your own custom mixes! Pompoms can be used to adorn everything from car keys and hat bands, or festive garlands to hang in your home, and a sweet friendship bracelet gift or a friend. A variety of materials will be provided so you can experiment with texture and color. Pompom loom tools available for purchase. $40

KNIT – 7 Ages 8 – 100 Saturday March 14 12:30 – 2:30pm

KNIT – 9 Ages 8 – 100  Saturday  August 22 12:30 – 2:30pm

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