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Meet Global Tape Art Muralist Leah Smith and Michael Townsend

Speakers: Leah Smith & Michael Townsend

Get inspired for our upcoming community Tape Art Installation! Come join us for an amazing journey through the birth of a new art medium – Tape Art! Leah Smith and Michael Townsend will give us a virtual tour of over 30 years of massive murals made entirely out of tape. Their art adventures have brought them to thousands of walls around the world. Their interactive talk will be driven by questions from our audience!

Their poignant work in public art ranges from mammoth vibrant Tape Art drawings that consume entire buildings, to the very personal realm of the healing arts. They have made artwork for rescue workers during disaster relief efforts, drawn memorials for the lives lost on September 11th, and traveled to Fukishma to draw with displaced families. 

Michael and Leah have taught Tape Art nationally to over 50,000 students all ages and abilities. Through this medium they show that everyone is an artist when they draw with tape. Even you!

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