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PD 23 Plein Air Painting Series – Lets “Paint the Town Red!”

Instructor: Vincent Serrano Pagniucci

“The sun has risen and is warming your shoulders and the landscape around you. Drops of dew sparkle on the grass and leaves. The light is bright and the shadows are deep. You stand your easel underneath a big oak tree and remove tubes of oil paints and a bundle of bristle brushes from your backpack. Once your palette is loaded with colors and your canvas is ready to receive them, you pause to take a sip of steaming coffee from your travel mug, and then begin to paint.” Join our instructor “afield” for these mornings of outdoor creativity.  Locations TBD  $45/session or 4 Session Pass $165

PD – 23  Ages Teen/Adult  Sundays July 12 – August 2 9am-12pm

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