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In this two session class, travel through time to explore the history of painting through cultures, movements, genres and artists.  Class will begin with a discussion of the works presented in their cultural or religious context, next students will select an artwork that inspires them, and students will reproduce them.  Copying from master works is a time-honored technique for acquiring artistic knowledge and skill.  Lessons will cover Etruscan, Asian, and European history and styles.   We will journey through medieval, gothic, renaissance, baroque, classical and modern artistic historical timelines. Explore realism, impressionism, cubism, fauvism, surrealism and modern Mexican painting in this special class. The U.S. movements after WWII will also include abstract expressionism and pop art.  We will work in water-based media: acrylic, watercolor and pastel! So much great stuff we have broken this content into 2 sessions.  Ages 9-100 $95/session or both sessions $175 
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