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.Experience the dynamic art of Italian Street Painting with an innovative twist!
In this unique community workshop, a temporary art installation will be created through the combined vision and energy of its participants. Together, students will create an original artwork based on an exciting surrealist game! The game, founded by Andre`Breton and Salvador Dali, uses collaboration to create surprisingly original compositions. Until the end, it’s a mystery what the image will look like. Student artists will choose a theme, each creating a portion of the final composition, but ssshhh! …your contribution is a secret until all are revealed!  Then we’ll set to work transferring it to pavement in full color and a giant scale.  Special installation techniques and the use of various chalk pastels will be taught as this large scale installation comes to life. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to create something awe inspiring for all to see!
This will be a real public art installation, so please be ready to dedicate time! $65
12- Adult  Friday June 27 Design and Compose at Nimbus Arts 5:30-8:00pm (feel free to bring a sack Dinner)
Open Studio Format Saturday & Sunday June 28Transfer and paint 9:00am-5:00pm .
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