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PM 1-5 Printmaking “No Press Required” – ONLINE

Instructor: Margaret Dennett

This is a 4- class series exploring printmaking you can do at home with found objects, our printmaking kit, and your own inventive ideas! We will cover several printmaking techniques with the emphasis on experimentation and process. This class is great for beginners of all ages from 8 – 100! For more experienced printmakers this is a great way to refresh some skills and embrace the playful nature of printmaking. Take 1 class $45 or enjoy the whole series $160!


PM 1 Nature Prints – This class will focus on printing from nature with collected leaves, pine needles, twigs or anything with an interesting texture. Students will be guided through inking and printing using various combinations of your collected items. 

PM 2 Dry Point on Plexiglass – No need for harsh chemicals, expensive plates or tools in this dry point etching style class. You will be provided with a small plexiglass plate for this technique. Using a simple tool found at home, a screw wrapped with tape as your etching scribe, and a line image to place under your plate to transfer to your plate, you will learn the process of etching, inking and printing.

PM 3 Monotype Printmaking – Using a larger plexiglass plate, students will learn the process of painting directly onto your plate to create unique one of a kind prints. This class will cover 2 different ways of creating the imagery on your plate and how to print this imagery onto your paper. Monotype printing can also be combined with additional techniques to create more depth to your printmaking!

 PM 4 Chine Colle – This class combines several of the processes explored throughout our series, and we will experiment with and combine work from our dry point and monotype printing plates in this session. Chine Colle is the process of learning how to layer paper into your monotype prints using traditional Japanese printmaking papers or found papers, adding another layer of interest to your prints.  We will learn several methods of adhering papers in the printmaking process using traditional rice glue. Our kits will provide you with all of the magic you need to explore this wonderful combination of techniques.

PM 5 Printmaking Series of 4 sessions


PM – 1  Ages 8 – 100 Need to figure out dates and times

PM – 2  Ages 8 – 100 Need to figure out dates and times

PM – 3  Ages 8 – 100 Need to figure out dates and times

PM – 4  Ages 8 – 100 Need to figure out dates and times

PM – 5  Ages 8 – 100  Dates and times added here

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