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Instructor: Jessica Mennella


Wondering what you’ll get your loved ones this holiday season? Worried the global supply chain will make your holiday shopping a challenge? Why buy a gift when you can make your own? 

Join Aftel trained perfumer, Jessica Mennella, for a holiday perfume sip and scent workshop where you will create your own oil-based perfume, or water and alcohol-based body spray formula.  Participants will go home with a perfume or body spray made from the formula created in class, your formula if you’d like to recreate it for friends and family, and the opportunity to order a batch of this perfume for gifts if you so choose!

Based on the introductory perfume workshop offered here at Nimbus, this class will cover the materials and structure of natural perfuming exploring 18 botanicals whose complexity of scent is linked directly to the flowers from which they are developed.  Adapted from the basic class of world-renowned perfumer, Mandy Aftel, this class will allow you to create your own, unique perfume formula while learning the basic blending techniques of natural perfumery. 


PU – 4    Ages Teen/Adult  Friday December 17 1:00 – 4:00pm 

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