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Join us for a unique and magical camp created and designed by Nimbus Arts Students!

Come one, come all to the World-Renowned Camp of Spirit. Harness your creative power and summon ghosts, past lives, and positive intentions for the new school year, harvest, and more.  In this student lead workshop, you will create a spell book with recipes for hexes, magic, and incantations. Would like to see your future in your very own crystal ball or summon the great beyond on your own painted Ouigia board? Design your unique Poppet to hex. This spooky and fun-packed mini-week will commence with a day of painting witchy scenes, so many weird and wonderful crafts exploring the spirited arts and culminate with an awesome end-of-a-camp “rager” replete with a tarot card reader and snacks! That’s Witchin’

This special camp will be led by three long-time Nimbus Arts students: 

Gwendi: Avant-garde painter, sick sense of humor, baby whisperer, cake creator, honor student

Stella:  3-D arts fan, organizational driver, the most patient, sophomore in HS, dead hang local champion

Elsie: portraitist, appetite for attitude, high visual acuity, hours of skills, a freshman in college

Mentored by Anne Pentland Master Teacher and resident beauty

Spirit Camp $95

Aug 15-18. (Mon- Th)

9:30am -12pm

Ages- 8 and up

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