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A sweet study of
our feathered friends, whose song and flight have inspired many artists
throughout history. We will be thinking of our own beloved family and friends
as we create special gifts in the studio that will make their hearts soar.
  Using twigs, twine and paint, we will create floating nests and tiny
birds that fly.  We will also construct fanciful birdhouses and little
felt birds who seek shelter there.  Robins, quail, owls, sparrows and
chickadees will fill our sketchbooks.  Our young artists will even make
some seed treats for their own love birds! $45

YA – 1 Ages 2 – 6  Monday, Wednesday,
Friday, February 18, 20 , 22  12:45
– 2:15  (3 and younger must be
accompanied by an adult partner)
YA – 2  Ages 4 – 6 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, February 18, 20 ,
22  3:45 – 5: 15

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