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Let’s take a look
at the rainbow of colors found in the forest.  During this class we will
learn about mixing our own fabulous shades of green, orange, purple, and of course
brown for bear.  We will make color wheels and fun matching games to
introduce the young artist to color!    We will paint at the easel
exploring through guided sessions and free form experimentation. Using the
beauty of the woodland landscape to inspire their palettes and fantastic
pictures, we will surely create some incredible art together.  $45
YA – 5 Ages 2 – 6  Monday, Wednesday,
15,17,19  12:45 – 2:15  (3 and younger must be accompanied by
an adult partner)
YA – 6  Ages 4 – 6 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
15,17,19   3:45 – 5: 15
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