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portico public art project

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A Door Opens #005  Portico Public Art Project

Nimbus Arts is pleased to announce the Portico Project, established as its fifth Hundreds of Hands community art program, and using the theme of “home” as its central inspiration in response to a need to bring together the community after the 2017 Valley Fires. This project consists of mosaic elements, inspired by millefiori and passacaglia quilting patterns that are handmade by community participants of all ages at both private and free community workshops and gatherings. These lovely mosaics will be combined and installed to adorn massive portico sculptures.

This project is part of a wonderful collaboration with the St. Helena Hospital Foundation and the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce.

Nimbus Arts Hundreds of Hands program brings together people from across Napa Valley to make art at free public events and workshops. The artwork, assembled into large-scale public installations, serves to beautify and enliven our community.

We believe that art is a powerful force and with Hundreds of Hands we can create works of enormous consequence, meaning and beauty.

Community Mosaic Portico Activity Dates:

Please check back soon for new dates!
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