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Taking Liberties: Nimbus Arts Public Art Installation

During the past year, many of our liberties have been restricted. Meals with friends. Hugs. Live Music. Beaches. School. Visible Laughter. Our liberties may have been diminished, but…Our Lady Liberty Stands Tall!

And We Will Endure. Let’s honor this symbol of our Democracy and have a LITTLE FUN in the new year!

We invite you to draw, paint, alter and transform one of our 100 Statues of Liberty in any way you wish and then display your artwork in our community art installation! The installation will be up in downtown St. Helena starting Monday, January 18. The public art installation will be located on the corner of Spring St. and Main St. in St. Helena on the side of the Napa Valley Vintage Home Building. 

We are providing FREE kits with 22″ x 12″ wooden Lady Liberty forms, paint and a brush to get you started, but we encourage you to take liberties with your art and add something special! This is an outdoor public art project, so think about weather conditions when you choose any of your own materials to add to Lady Liberty.

If you would like to participate, please request a “Taking Liberties” art kit by clicking HERE or by contacting us at: 707-963-5278.

“Taking Liberties” Kits are now available for pick up on the distribution table behind Nimbus Arts Studio 2 for participants who reserve kits and while supplies last for those who do not reserve kits. Please fill out the sign-out sheet and return your art no later than Friday, January 15 to the back of Studio #2. 

Please write your name/organization on the back if you want your piece returned. They will be available for pick up (behind Studio #2) on Monday, March 1.

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