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Featured Artist: Margaret Dennett

Margaret Dennett taught high school Art and Drama for 20 plus years in the Napa Valley, and created the Art and Drama programs at New Tech High. After she retired from NVUSD in 2017, Margaret found herself sorely missing her daily contact with teens, so she volunteered to work with Court and Community (C+C) students at Nimbus. After a few months of volunteering, Margaret took over ceramic instruction for our C+C program, and she’s become a passionate teacher of both C+C programs and Nimbus studio classes. Margaret says, “This is a dream come true for me as I love ceramics and love working with teens. Sitting and creating with these teens can be both tough and magical; it’s such a pleasure to watch them explore clay. Nimbus is giving them a safe place to test and challenge themselves, connect to working artists, and learn process and patience through wheel throwing and hand-building ceramics.”

Margaret has also been inspired through teaching to delve more into her own art practices, including painting, printmaking and ceramics. Her art is ever-evolving, and her love of nature and place are major personal themes she continues to explore.

“The joy I get from art keeps me wanting to learn more. I have felt welcome at Nimbus from day one when I first volunteered. I hope to continue to keep working with teens and also with the many children and adults who come to Nimbus, eager to create.”

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