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nimbus collaborates for día de los muertos

día de los muertos

Thank you for celebrating Día de Los Muertos with us!

Nimbus Arts presented our “Perch and Ponder: Owls of Remembrance” Día de los Muertos Community Art Installation in reverence for the majestic owl.

Prehistoric cave paintings of owls prove they are one of the oldest birds in existence. Owl species exist on every continent except Antarctica. Throughout history people have regarded owls with fascination and awe. In ancient Greece, owls were connected with the wisdom of the soul, and in early Indian folklore, owls represent wisdom and helpfulness, and have powers of prophecy, while in Mexican culture some believe the spirit of the owl  guides newly departed souls to the afterlife. These themes recur in the myths and legends of cultures around the world.

In celebration of Día de los Muertos, we invited community members to draw, paint, and alter our 100 wooden owl forms in any way they wished!

Then the beautiful owls were placed on display for all to see for two weeks from Monday, October 25th until Sunday, November 7th in downtown St. Helena and Calistoga.

The “Perch and Ponder: Owls of Remembrance” Community Art Installation was generously sponsored by the City of St. Helena and the Arts Council Napa Valley. We are deeply thankful for their generosity and grateful for Walker Building Co. for their generous support also.

The Día de los Muertos celebration continued with Nimbus Arts and Upvalley Family Centers!

A major highlight of our fall season is our annual Día de los Muertos Community Celebration, held at the Napa Valley College’s Upper Valley Campus in St. Helena. Over 500 people attend!

This magical free event is a mighty collaborative effort between Nimbus Arts and the UpValley Family Centers. It is an amazing cultural tradition and a wonderful chance to share in community altar exhibits, special art installations, music, dance, culinary delights, historical displays, and free traditional crafts for the whole family.


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