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"taking liberties" community art installation

hundreds of hands™

#008  “Taking Liberties” Community Art Installation

Nimbus Arts began 2021 with “Taking Liberties” – a Mobile Mural displayed in St. Helena from January 19th – February 8th. Individual community artists each created their own interpretation of the Statue of Liberty, using their artistic voice to convey their hopes and aspirations, frustrations and fears, as we moved into the new year and inaugurated a new President. These individual artworks were then assembled into our community art installation.

Reflecting on the past year, many of our liberties have been restricted and we all miss time with friends and exploring and enjoying new experiences. Despite these restrictions to our liberties, Our Lady Liberty Stands Tall! and our community art mural honored this symbol of our Democracy. More community art programs to engage and connect our community will continue through the year, thanks to the community support from people like you. The mural project was made possible through funding from the Napa Valley Vintners and Walker Building Company. Also, a special thanks to Laura Rombauer and Vintage Home for the use of their wonderful display space.


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