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art brings people together

hundreds of hands™

at the heart of our Hundreds of Hands™ program

Because we believe profoundly in the positive power of art, Nimbus Arts established the Hundreds of Hands community art program in 2011.  Our goal is simple; to get as many people involved with hands-on-art as possible.  We do this by bringing our community together- from across the entire Napa Valley- to work on creating and installing large-scale community public art projects.

We believe that the process of making art strengthens personal wellness, bridges cultural and social divisions, expands learning and understanding, and connects us to one another.  It is also profoundly satisfying and just plain fun.

Over the years, our projects have increased in scope and scale, but the goal remains the same – to bring diverse groups of people together to learn, connect and create.

Now with thousands of hands from across our community contributing for nearly a decade, our Hundreds of Hands initiatives are:

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