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#011 Tape Art

Nimbus Arts joined the Tape Art movement with large-scale collaborative artwork created in public spaces.  Linked to our month-long Pollinator Program, the installations celebrated the important role pollinators play in agriculture.

The Tape Art movement originated in Providence, Rhode Island in 1989 in the form of large-scale, collaborative drawings created in public spaces entirely out of tape. Over the last 30 years 500 public works and thousands of smaller tape drawings have been produced in locations around the globe.  Tape Art muralists Leah Smith and Michael Townsend, leaders of the Tape Art Crew, joined the Nimbus team and led dozens of community artists through design, production, and installation of two large-scale murals.

More than 50 Free art kits were distributed throughout the community and instruction was provided online through Nimbus Arts.  Community artists of all ages and ability levels were led through the step to create tape art mural elements.  The completed elements were collected and added to two façade walls in St. Helena for a week in May 2021, creating a vibrant and energetic display of our greatest pollinators- birds, bees, and butterflies- at work.

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