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mosaic stone stacking

hundreds of hands™

#018 Mosaic Stone Stacking: A Nimbus Arts + Mentis Teens Connect Community Art Collaboration

We are very excited to announce, and invite you to participate in our newest Hundreds of Hands Project HOH#018 Stone Stacking Mosaic Art Installation.

Nimbus Arts is teaming with Mentis, Napa Valley’s center for mental health services, and Teens Connect one if its many wonderful youth wellness programs, to deliver hands-on art activities and highlight the mental health services available in Napa County. Our This new Hundreds of Hands project is focused on activating community members + highlighting the health and wellness benefits of artmaking. This program’s theme is focused on the ancient, meditative, and spiritual activity of stacking stones into “cairns.” Stone stacking highlights balance and stability, parallels emotional health, and is symbolic of this latest collaboration with Mentis.

Students participating in the Teens Connect program and other collaborating organizations from across Napa Valley, will work with community members to create personal mosaic elements that will be assembled onto large-scale stone sculptural forms. The completed mosaic-adorned cairn sculptures will be stacked up to ten-feet high!  These magical mosaic stone stacks will be surrounded by a pool of natural stones to allow interactive play and inspiring others to create their own cairns… and moment of peaceful reflection. 

Nimbus Arts’ Hundreds of Hands community art programs are free and open to all.  Participating in our mosaic making events helps us strengthen our community connections, while inspiring the spirit of artistry within each of us. Mentis, Teens Connect, and Nimbus Arts will be the hub of this outreach for personal development workshops, speaker engagements, mosaic art activities, and potential master cairn stacking artist lectures and demonstrations.

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