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Online Art Gallery Now Open!

Nimbus Arts is pleased to support our Teaching Artists and announce our new Online Art Gallery!

We would like to thank the Nimbus Arts Teaching Artists and Staff for their creativity and resilience. Through their hard work and amazing efforts, we provided wonderful online and at-home art programming during the shelter-at-home order, created a COVID-19 safety plan to protect our students and staff as we offer a diverse array of onsite and online camps and classes, and responded to the recent fires by banding together to show our gratitude to first responders through our #TheArtofGratitude Campaign. The ability of the Nimbus Team to spring into action and develop new diverse and dynamic offerings during this time of uncertainty is truly inspiring. 

In return, Nimbus Arts continues to strengthen art throughout the Napa Valley by creating opportunities for working artists. We believe that artists are vital to our community and that art enriches lives and has the power to heal. Not only do these professional artists spend countless hours creating in their own studios, they also generously share their time, skills and knowledge with Nimbus students and community members during regularly scheduled classes, summer camps, special workshops, events, and most recently our online offerings.

It is our honor to invite you to visit our new Nimbus Arts Online Art Gallery where you can now purchase your favorite teaching artists’ original artwork! Support your beloved local artists today by purchasing a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind masterpiece! And remember, the holidays are right around the corner, so don’t miss out on the perfect artsy gift for your friends and family!


Sarah Beth Abernathy 
Erin Arnsteen
Melissa Baker
Mercedes Baker
Matthew Baum
Kerri Beeker
Lauren Brown
Nikki Ballere Callnan
William Callnan III
Nick Cann
Joseph Carl Close 
Andrea Cazares
Olivia Cowell
Margaret Dennett 
Ed Edwards
Paulo Ferreira 
David Garden Jr. 
Jamie Graff
Aimee Guillot 
Shelly Hanan
Helen Jane Hearn
Emma Higgins
Lisa Hinz 
Dana Johnson
Mikey Kelly

David Krkljus 
Joel Kurtz
Michele Laurence
Gabriella Levandowski
Kiera Louttit
Maggie Maib
Dave Massaro
Jessica Mennella
Mary Miroglio
Eric Muensterman
Oscar Aguilar Olea
Vincent Serrano Pagniucci 
Anne Pentland
Holly Hubbard Preston
Erin Ramsey
Kipp Ramsey
Leticia Russell
Deirdre Shibano
Marylin Smith
Neil Sucheck
Claire Tiwald
Adam Wiedmann
Aidan Wignall
Nancy Willis 
Sandra Cruz-Wilson

Board of Directors
Dana Johnson
David Garden Jr.
Matt Rogers
Claire Stull
Sue Furdek
Greg Pitts
Leadership Circle 
Bettina & Don Bryant
The Chappellet Family
The David Butler Family Foundation
The Domus Fund
Martha & Ron Doornink
The Michael & Jodi Earls Family
Kelly Fleming
Amy & Matt Follett
Trevor & Kelly Foster
Stephanie & Jim Gamble
Elaine & Rick Jones
E. Richard Jones Family Foundation
Dana Johnson & Mark Nelson
Jennifer & David Risher
Matt & Amy Rogers
Rogers Family Foundation
Laurie Maurer Shelton & Family
Silver Oak & Twomey Cellars
Claire & Steven Stull
Bob & Maria Torres

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