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"hare raiser" community art installation

hundreds of hands™

#009  “Hare Raiser” Community Art Installation

Nimbus Arts continued to support community artmaking with one of our most popular and prolific projects; Hare Raiser. Jack Rabbits (Hares) are seen throughout Napa Valley and served as the inspiration for our Hundreds of Hands Community Art Initiative #009. Throughout history, the hare has been linked to mystical powers, good luck, artistry, magic and renewal. Celebrating these delightful creatures, community artists created 200 Hares that were combined and assembled into a seasonal installation celebrating Spring. Our community art initiative leapt into spring and served as a metaphor for brightening times ahead.

This initiative was socially-distanced due to pandemic restrictions but our community’s love of art meant the initial offering of 100 free art kits were fully committed in less than four hours! One-hundred additional free kits were added and these also went jack rabbit fast! The 200 hares created by community artists were returned to Nimbus Arts and were assembled into a large scale installation. Vibrant and colorful, the installation was displayed prominently in St. Helena’s historic downtown, on the Spring Street façade of Main Street’s Vintage Home. For two weeks, from Friday, April 2 through Friday April 16, the installation delivered springtime whimsy to locals and visitors alike.

Part of the countywide ‘Arts in April’ program, our ‘Hare Raiser’ community art program was generously sponsored by the Napa Valley Vintners and Craig & Kathryn Hall, HALL Wines, and through the support of community donors.

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