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hundreds of hands™

#007  Enhancing Health + Wellness through Art 2020

The positive powers of art include strengthening personal wellness, bridging cultural and social divisions, expanding learning and understanding, and connecting us to one another. Our Hundreds of Hands™ program generates these benefits by getting as many people involved with hands-on art as possible, each time with the goal of creating a large-scale community-made public art installation. Over the years, our projects have increased in scope and scale, literally involving many hundreds of hands, and this year our projects needed to be modified for social distancing and the impact of the fires. But our vision for Hundreds of Hands™ continues uninterrupted—to bring diverse groups of people together to learn, connect and create meaningful art installations that bring joy, beauty and strength to our community.

In 2020 we enhanced health and wellness through art by creating topical, fun and engaging socially-distanced art such as the Wassily Kandinsky-inspired community mural, ‘Goat Art Challenge’, ‘Art of Gratitude’ post-fire thank you to fire fighters & first responders, Día de los Muertos Mask Wall and the Floating Pumpkin display.


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